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Barbra Portzline, Organizational Intuitive
As an Organizational Intuitive and Business Strategist I use a
combination of deep organizational development experience
and my gift of intuition to help you 1) discover your soul
purpose, 2) remove limiting beliefs and blocks 3) action your
soul purpose into a sustainable business aligned with your
Oftentimes we put others first and put ourselves and our business last. Nourishing
ourselves is pushed to the bottom of the priority list and our focus is scattered and
loses intention.  In order to truly make magic in our businesses we need both
intention and action. You may have all the intention in the world, but if you don't
move forward your business remains stagnant.

Conversely, you may be taking tons of action, but.if it isn't intentional, it is like
throwing spaghetti against the wall where nothing sticks.

Its time to align your business with your soul purpose and I can help you.  I provide a
holistic approach to personal development and business strategy, while ensuring it is
intentional and action-forward.
Barbra Portzline, Organizational Intuitive