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Holistic Schools / Workshops / Classes
Liah Howard
Maui Psychic Liah offers Guidance on Business, Relationships, Finances,
Career, Health, Spirit Messages and Soul's Path. Liah offers confidential
and professional Psychic/Channeled readings and classes via the internet
and in person. Since 1988 Liah has channeled a council of five beings
from the Higher Realms who teach, uplift and guide humanity with their
wisdom and love.
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Swami's Healing Arts
Massage – Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Touch For Health and CranioSacral
Therapy. Massage – the way of the Swami
Are you ready for some Swami style Hawaiian healing?  The soothing
touch of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage combined with energy/meridian
balancing (Touch for Health) and CraniolSacral Therapy.
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the Quantum School of Holistic Health offers classes designed for
anyone who seeks to heal themselves, develop healing attributes
or add certifications to their professional portfolio. The curriculum is
designed to equip students with knowledge and skills for work as a
Holistic Health Practitioner.  Students are given opportunities to
experience personal transformation, cultivate healing abilities, and
develop their full potential while learning invaluable information,
tools, and skills.
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