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Workshops / Classes
Liah Howard
Maui Psychic Liah offers Guidance on Business, Relationships, Finances,
Career, Health, Spirit Messages and Soul's Path. Liah offers confidential
and professional Psychic/Channeled readings and classes via the internet
and in person. Since 1988 Liah has channeled a council of five beings
from the Higher Realms who teach, uplift and guide humanity with their
wisdom and love.
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Services include Massage Therapy (Swedish, Lomilomi,
Reflexology and more), Energy Healing (Reiki, Quantum Healing,
Dao Healing, the Willow System and more), Holistic Nutritional
Consulting and interested in if you contact us. A student session
starts at $35, more with a faculty member.
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Swami's Healing Arts
Massage – Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Touch For Health and CranioSacral
Therapy. Massage – the way of the Swami -
Are you ready for some Swami style Hawaiian healing?  The soothing
touch of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage combined with energy/meridian
balancing (Touch for Health) and CraniolSacral Therapy.
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The Holon Method™
A quantum breakthrough in energy medicine that brings resolution to
out-of-balance conditions in the body. Using a series of proprietary
Holon Commands, the Holon Method works by directing universal
healing energies to clear and cleanse, repair and correct genetic
weakness in key organs, glands, and body systems so they may function
optimally. With intelligent energy as its key mechanism, it is safe, gentle,
and non-invasive. While it stands alone as a comprehensive modality, it
can also work well in concert with most traditional and alternative
medical treatments.
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Raw Vegan Yoga Detox Retreats
Catering & Workshops
Susie and her partner Casey are both Professional Raw
Vegan Chefs that are delighted to be in the position to
introduce people to a conscious way of eating. Fifth
Fermension Foods is their platform where they create living
food alchemy at yoga, detox, and sacred ceremonial
retreats around the world. They provide catering services
for parties, seminars, private events and in homes. Susie
and Casey facilitate workshops teaching people easy raw
food recipes and superfood nutrition.
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"Beyond Organic” Nutrition Grown™ Consulting Services  
Food and Herb Production Consulting for Commercial Growers and
Home Gardeners with a focus on the Ultimate Nutritional Content,
Superior Flavor, and Extended Shelf Life achieved with Environmentally-
Sustainable methods. The aim is to “Create Health from the Soil Up” by
producing exceptionally nutrient-rich foods using “Beyond Organic”
Nutrition Grown™ techniques.
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