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Kindness Books
You Can Never Go Wrong By Being Kind

Exceptionally positive and encouraging,
this book contains compelling true stories
by 66 authors from around the globe,
and from all walks of life, who have
united to share their personal
experiences with the transformative
potential of kindness.

You Can Never Go Wrong By Being Kind

Within each story is a gift for you. As you are transported around the world by
these extraordinary stories, you'll be gifted with wisdom, love, compassion,
forgiveness, hope, laughter, gratitude, acceptance, and the awareness
that life is not possible without kindness.

As you read these stories, you will learn how to:
  • Be happier and live a fuller and more satisfying life by practicing kindness

  • Recognize opportunities for giving and receiving kindness wherever you are

  • Transform your life through relentless acts of kindness

  • Get unstuck and transcend your creative block through acts of kindness

  • Trust more and count your blessings

  • Set yourself free through forgiveness

  • Develop a kind heart through mediation and spirituality

  • Recognize the role of animals in teaching us how to love unconditionally

  • Improve your health through spontaneous acts of kindness and compassion

  • Multiply your favors through gratitude

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Cultivate the courage to follow your heart and intuition

  • Find more reasons to continue having faith in humanity

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Dr. Zeal Okogeri
Kindness Books
Honolulu, HI