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The Holon Method™ is a breakthrough in energy medicine that
brings resolution to out-of-balance conditions. The product of
rigorous application and extensive research, this modality produces
significant results that are consistently reproducible.

Using its proprietary Holon Commands, the Holon Method works by
directing universal healing energies to clear and cleanse, repair and
correct genetic weakness in key organs,
glands, and body systems so they may
function optimally. With intelligent energy
as its key mechanism, it is safe, gentle, and
non-invasive. While it stands alone as a
The Holon Method
A precise Wellness Technology yielding rapid, measurable results.
Carol Hannum, D.D.
comprehensive modality, it can also work well in concert with most
traditional and alternative medical treatments.This “New Medicine of
the Future” is powerfully effective for many conditions such as Lyme
disease, illness from vaccinations, cancer, environmental illness, autism,
dementia, and even “brain death.” Developmental conditions such as
Down syndrome have also radically improved, with medically
documented results.

The Holon Method™ is a healing modality created to purify the body,
mind and spirit, regenerate tissue, correct genetic weakness, and vitalize
many other body/mind functions. The unique system of “commands”
delivers instructions to spirit for generating changes in the physical body.
Emotional and physical causes of symptoms are addressed and rapidly
released in each session.

This method relies on coherent energy from universal sources replacing chaotic cellular frequencies. It
does not rely on substances or devices. Russian DNA research supports the Holon Method’s basic
premise of the power of words that change light patterns in the basic cell structure.
Carol Hannum’s Holon Method is light years beyond most energy healing
systems. It is fast, precise, effective and self-empowering. The carefully
fashioned ‘Commands’ are an invaluable tool for anyone interested in
staying healthy and helping others with health issues. Most importantly,
we learn to employ our innate Divine healing power.
-Victoria Hoch, Shamanic healer, Colorado
Carol Hannum, D.D.
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