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Glow Raw World
Susie Fryar, Certified Raw Vegan Chef and Master Holistic Esthetician.
Susie has a unique perspective and
expertise on the body’s inner and outer health.

Susie came upon her life’s purpose to awaken people to a more
conscious lifestyle so they can glow from the inside out when she
became very ill and could barely leave her bed. It was 2012 and she
was living in Las Vegas, a doctor specializing in environmental
toxicity treatments revealed that she had three types of heavy
metal poisons that included mercury, aluminum, and the worst one
was uranium. However, the treatments he prescribed did not work
and were expensive. It wasn’t until a friend suggested a protocol
that included fasting and raw vegan foods that she was almost
completely healed and able to return to work in just two months.
Believing this was not just a diet that had healed her but a lifestyle,
Susie set out to gift this knowledge to others.
75-5782 Kuakini Hwy., Suite 3A | Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
CALL (702) 218-4930
Raw Vegan Facial Treatments/Spa Treatments At Glow Raw Skin Spa ~
Glow Raw Skin Spa Studio in Kailua Kona, Hawaii is unique sanctuary where you can enjoy one of kind Raw Vegan
facial, body treatments, and such services as Brazilian Bikini Sugar Waxing all using farm fresh skincare ingredients.
We invite you to be pampered in the purest way possible

Raw Vegan Yoga Detox Retreats/Catering And Workshops ~
Susie and her partner Casey are both Professional Raw Vegan Chefs that are delighted to be in the position to
introduce people to a conscious way of eating. Fifth Fermension Foods is their platform where they create living
food alchemy at yoga, detox, and sacred ceremonial retreats around the world. They provide catering services for
parties, seminars, private events and in homes. Susie and Casey facilitate workshops teaching people easy raw
food recipes and superfood nutrition.

Living Foods Lifestyle Guidance~
Susie designs easy to follow systems for you to rebuild, reset and reprogram the body's health by utilizing simple
knowledge for self healing  of the mind, body, and spirit. You will learn that the basic premise of the raw food
lifestyle is that natural, uncooked, and unprocessed food provides all of the living food enzymes, vitamins, minerals,
proteins, and amino acids necessary to thrive, protect, nourish and defend our body's internal and external well
being. Susie will guide you through all aspects of this lifestyle transition including exchanging your everyday beauty,
hygiene, and home products for ones that are vegan and free of toxins and chemicals. Contact us for your next
Guidance Session below.