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Energy Medicine
"Energy Medicine & Sound Healing"
Optimize your health and promote your wellness
through the science and art of Energy Medicine with
Alice Tobin, Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner,
Sound Healer, Transformation Coach and Reiki Master.
Energy Medicine activates the body’s natural healing
energies, restoring those that have become weak or out
of balance.
Move, Sing, Heal with Jennifer Loftus
Receive support in creating your most vibrant and peaceful life!
Optimal wellness support through: Divine Feminine Dance, Finding
and Freeing Your Voice, Singing Crystal Bowl Meditations and Piano
with Jennifer Loftus.  
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Energy Movers
Activate your Life Force Energy. Mobilize and utilize Source Energy
and your ‘natural born ability’ to treat and heal yourself on many
levels.  Experience improvement in your physical and emotional
well-being, in your health, work, relationships, finances, personal
growth and ability to be of greater service in the world. Source
Energy is Infinite and there are No Limits on how much you may
increase your energy and its benefits  
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