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Alice Tobin, EEMCP
"Healing Place" to "Energy Medicine & Sound Healing"
82-6012 Puuhonua Road, Captain Cook, HI 96704
I have been an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, (as taught by Donna Eden), since 2007. During a private
energy session, after hearing your issues and discomforts, I energy test to find which one(s) of your energy systems are
out of balance. I then use the relevant protocols to move your energies back to balance. It is a gentle healing
approach. Over the last ten years, an overwhelming majority of my clients experienced immediate partial relief even
after one session. In 2015, I added Sound to my healing sessions because I found that the vibration of gongs,
Himalayan singing bowls and tuning forks penetrates deeply and their effect is instantaneous. Sound paired well with
Energy Medicine and my other modalities including essential oils, flower essences and crystals. I also give Gong bath
(aka Gong Meditation) weekly in my healing place in Kealakekua Bay. Please visit my website for the schedule and
details or youtube.com to read some clients testimonials.
Born to Chinese parents in Hong Kong, I was aware of
Traditional Chinese Medicine by age 5 because my
parents took me to Chinese and western doctors
when I was sick frequently. They said my immune
system was weak. Even though I was brought up
eating fresh and very good quality food of mostly
vegetable and fish. We did not even have a
refrigerator. My father took me to the market daily and
taught me how to pick the freshest ingredients. He
took me hiking every Sunday and swimming every
afternoon in the warm days. Little did I know back
then, that he put me on the path to "wellness". I have
been teaching "food is medicine" for decades.
Now I am glad to hear more people are starting to focus on "good" food. I came to the U.S. on my own when I was
18, lived on the East Coast, traveled extensively. In 2017 I moved from Hilton Head Island, to the Big Island. This is
and will be forever my home. I could be blissfully retired. During the last 33 years, I founded seven businesses, worked
extremely hard and have been blessed to do well. When my cat was diagnosed with diabetes in 2003, I accelerated
my attention to "wellness" and started to learn healing every way possible. I was led to enroll and study formally with
Donna Eden after taking one course during a conference of National Institute of Clinical Application of Behavioral
Medicine because I used what Donna taught on myself and my mother and experienced immediate improvement.
Being always passionate to make people happy, I started to offer Energy Medicine sessions, noticing how my work
really bring joy to others especially after their pain was relieved. I feel called to continue healing as long as someone
needs me.