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Grow biophoton-rich, high frequency foods
with double the nutritional content of
typical foods by going beyond "just organic"
to Nutrition Grown.

Learn how you can optimize your garden to
produce the most healing foods ever! We
offer step-by-step assistance to empower
you, including online courses, Optimized
Nutrition Grown Analyses, and custom soil
nutrient packages. With our Done-With-You
and Done-For-You packages you can soon
be enjoying the most optimal, healing foods
from your own garden.

Check out our free video mini-course called
"Creating Health from the Soil Up" at
Beyond Organic Consulting, Inc
Heal yourself through your own optimized garden
Beyond Organic Consulting, Inc.    
Dr. Jana Bogs, Director
(BS Nutrition, PhD Horticulture and Food Science)