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You Can Never Go Wrong By Being Kind
Exceptionally positive and encouraging, this book
contains compelling true stories by 66 authors from
around the globe, and from all walks of life, who have
united to share their personal experiences with the
transformative potential of kindness.
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Holistic Light Healing Center Presents:

Warrior Women With Angel Wings:
Stories of Love, Hope, Courage & Angels
This is a powerful anthology filled with amazing authors.
Each of these women have a unique and beautiful story
to share. They shared their courage, faith, hope and love
with you. As you read each you will be inspired,
encouraged and uplifted. As each takes the time to give
you a glimpse into their lives and their journey! This is the
first book in an amazing, powerful and beautiful collection.
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The Holon Method™ Book Now Available
The Holon Method™ is a breakthrough in energy medicine that brings
resolution to out-of-balance conditions. The product of rigorous
application and extensive research, this modality produces significant
results that are consistently reproducible. Using its proprietary Holon
Commands, the Holon Method works by directing universal healing
energies to clear and cleanse, repair and correct genetic weakness in
key organs, glands, and body systems so they may function optimally.
With intelligent energy as its key mechanism, it is safe, gentle, and non-
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