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Air B & B PLUS Massage Therapy (Swedish, Lomilomi, Reflexology
and more), Energy Healing (Reiki, Quantum Healing, Dao
Healing, the Willow System and more), Holistic Nutritional
Consulting and interested in if you contact us. A student session
starts at $35, more with a faculty member.
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Kualoli Hawaiian Retreat
Experience Zen in Eco-Luxury The perfect little jungle nest.
Relax and feel the breeze, listen to the ocean and the
songs of the birds and frogs. Beautiful park like grounds with
expansive lawn, lava rock walls, numerous fruit trees and
ponds on the east coast of the Island of Hawaii.
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Halawai South Point
South Point, Naalehu, Big Island.aha Experience a sanctuary like
stay that allows for rejuvenation and an enlivening of your spirit at
Halawai, South Point. People report a sense of deep peaceful
energy and well being that we attribute to the fact that the entire
home sits on an ancient lava flow encrusted with Green Peridot
(semi precious stones), which you see everywhere!
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